Prestresssed concrete usage in church buildings construction in poland

Rafal Szydlowski,

Barbara Labuzek


Prestressed concrete was used to raise building constructions in Poland at the beginning of 1950s. Firstly, large span post-tensioned roof girders were made in industry halls, warehouses, airport hangars ....and so on, and also they were used to construct large capacity liquid tanks and bridges. The new form of post-tensioning, which means unbonded tendons, was used in buildings after 2000. Lately, the first time in Poland, prestressing has been used in project of two churches. As a result of using the unbonded tendons attractive forms were received. The slender prestressed slab supported on the steel “sapling” was constructed in the first of them. A prestressed concrete circumferential ring allows to create a delicate structure of timber girders in the second church. In this paper, these solutions are presented in detail together with the obtained benefits and proper calculation results.

Słowa kluczowe: church, post-tensioning, prestressed concrete, unbonded tendon