Anamorphic images on the historical background along with their classification and some selected examples

Andrzej Zdziarski,

Marcin Jonak


Art based on optical illusions has accompanied the everyday life of a human being since ancient times, until today. Primarily, it played a specific role as an artistic game and manifested the artists’ own mastery, while often playing the serviceable role of an artistic advertisement. This study presents a detailed definition of anamorphic images together with their precise classification, and provides a description of the methods used for their construction. The problems discussed here have been presented on a historical background. The examples of particularly chosen anamorphic images have been presented together with their visualised images. The theoretical background, how one can create such anamorphic images, provides the basis for further design and development of anamorphic images to be created both in an urban space of a town, and in the interiors of public use.

Słowa kluczowe: transformation, anamorphic image, visualisation of anamorphic images, reflective surfaces