BIM standard and the new specialisations that have emerged because of it around the architectural profession

Przemysław Markiewicz-Zahorski


Civilisational development brings new challenges in the discipline of architecture. In order to meet them in architectural and construction design, it is becoming inevitable to introduce the broadly understood BIM standard as widely as possible. New, previously unknown professional specialisations have emerged around the architectural profession.
▶▶ More and more often, the redevelopment and modernisation of existing buildings is performed in the BIM standard, which is why it is necessary to convert existing 2D documentation into a virtual 3D model of a building.
▶▶ Laser rangefinders coupled with appropriate computer software allow the performing of intelligent measurement, which is based on the simultaneous measuring and modelling of a virtual building’s elements.
▶▶ The technologically latest, most accurate, quickest and non-invasive method of gathering data on a building is performed using measurements that employ a laser scanner, which creates a point cloud within a 3D space.
▶▶ The creation of object libraries which represent specific commercial products for the most popular computer aided design programs has become one of the most dynamically developing specialisations surrounding the architectural profession.
▶▶ The possibility of presenting a design using an interactive multimedia presentation broadens the capabilities of using it in ways that are different from the traditional manner. The new specialisations that are emerging in association with technological progress around the architectural profession broaden the traditionally understood market for architectural services. The subject of design in the BIM standard and the new specialisations should be introduced into the curriculum of architecture students as quickly and as broadly as possible.

Słowa kluczowe: warsztat architekta, konwersja dokumentacji projektowej do 3D, skanowanie laserowe, obiekty biblioteczne, Building Information Model eXplorer

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