Influence of composition of anti-graffiti coating system used in rolling stock on fire end structure properties

Jolanta Maria Radziszewska-Wolińska,

Danuta Milczarek,

Norbert Radek,

Łukasz Pasieczyński,

Michal Petru


The paper discusses fire parameters of individual layers of anti-graffiti coating systems proposed for use in rail transport. Modifications and their effect on flammable properties of these coatings have been described. Performed tests included, first of all, parameters such as lateral spread of flame over the surface and heat emission, whose fulfillment proved the most difficult in the previous studies. For this purpose, polyester putties were tested on an epoxy primer. Then, fire parameters for different anti-graffiti systems containing a swelling layer as an additional protective layer were determined.

Słowa kluczowe: fire tests of railway materials, critical heat flux at extinguishment, lateral spread of flame on products, cone calorimeter, maximum average rate of heat emission, fire safety