Induction motors in traction drives, service tests

Jakub Bernatt,

Stanisław Gawron,

Tadeusz Glinka,

Artur Polak


Electric multiple units (EMUs) EN57 are fitted with two cage induction motors to each bogie. Two motors driving one bogie are supplied from a common DC/AC inverter. These motors become damaged after a short service period; the end-rings start to break away, start to break away. The results of service tests conducted during normal train runs are presented in the paper. The investigation possibilities were limited to recording load currents and vibrations of four motors installed at two bogies of one car. It has been concluded that the reason for rotor winding damage may be traced back to the simultaneous impact of four factors: 1) transmission of load  torque by mechanical gearbox; there is a backlash between the pinion mounted at the motor shaft and the toothed gear mounted at the drive bogie axle; 2) rigid assembly of the motor in the bogie frame and vibrations transmitted from the drive wheels to motor; 3) variable components of electromagnetic torque generated by higher harmonics of inverter voltage and current; 4) parallel operation of two unmatched motors supplied from common inverter.

Słowa kluczowe: cage induction motors, traction drive systems, service tests, rotor winding failure.

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