Assessment of AC traction substation influence on energy quality in a supplying grid

Włodzimierz Jefimowski,

Adam Szeląg


This article presents investigations performed on a 25 kV AC system with a Scott transformer simulation model. The model includes an energy quality parameter calculation algorithm with consideration to the train timetable. The simulation results enable an analysis of the energy quality parameters at the point of connection of the traction substation to the supplying grid. The presented tool enables the simultaneous calculation of voltage unbalance and harmonic content. The article presents the results of the energy quality analysis at the substation connection point for the specific location. The simulation results of the energy quality parameters are appraised on the basis of standard EN  50160:2010. The tool may prove helpful in the process of designing electrification systems, especially in the choice of traction transformer and power electronics device mitigating an imbalance and harmonic impact

Słowa kluczowe: AC electrification system, electric energy quality, simulation modelling, Scott transformer

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