Composites based on recycled polystyrene waste with tuff microparticles

Karolina Mazur,

Stanisław Kuciel

Nowadays electric and electronic equipments are produced on a large scale, for example, personal computers. Therefore, more and more waste is recycled. To increase the strength properties of recycled materials, they are reinforced with various types of fillers such as natural. Over the last few years, fillers from tuffs of volcanic origin have been gaining in popularity. It is characterized by a low mass, high hardness, high matrix adhesion, which allow for uniform distribution of particles in the volume of the material. In this paper, composites based on recycled polystyrene waste with tuff microparticles in mass weight of 10% and 20% were produced by injection moulding. The basic mechanical properties at room temperature (+24°C) -24 and +80°C were evaluated. The aim of the study was to demonstrate the possibility of using the mineral filler particles as compatibilizer for
recycled polystyrene waste of poor quality.
Słowa kluczowe: mechanical properties, natural fillers, ecology, recycling