Methods of identifying the optimal positioning of different products within a warehouse with regard to minimising the costs associated with order picking

Augustyn Lorenc,

Maciej Szkoda,

Elżbieta Wyraz

The most important factors conditioning the competitiveness of a warehouse are time and money. A randomly or improperly chosen storage process influences three types of costs: the movement of goods, waiting time, transportation costs. To increase the effectiveness of goods completion, i.e. to decrease processing time and cost, appropriately selected methods of product classification are used. In the article, the authors have done simulations of product classification for an ABC analysis, an ABC analysis together with a COI index, an ABC analysis together with an XYZ analysis, a COI index only, and the method of free product storage places. Simulations were made for two variants taking into account the need and there is no need to shifting products on the completion trolley during the whole completion process.
Słowa kluczowe: warehousing, warehouse activities, methods of product classification, simulation, performance analysis