Evaluation of the practicability of the decomposition and equivalent substitution method in the analysis of reliability of the sewage system

Marek Kubala,

Jadwiga Królikowska,

Dariusz Wawrentowicz

The work compares the accuracy of calculations of the reliability parameters of the sewerage network using the Decomposition and Equivalent Replacement (MDE) method, proposed by Yu. A. Yermolin and M.I. Alekseev [3], definitely simpler and less onerous in relation to the graph method. Comparing the results of calculations with both methods, applied to a simple network, one can come to the conclusion that the MDE calculations in simple cases give satisfactory accuracy. However, it would be necessary to check whether, as the complexity increases, this accuracy is still satisfactory.
Słowa kluczowe: reliability, sewage network, graph, decomposition, equivalent substitution, failure