Elektrownia węglowa w Ostrołęce vs. fotowoltaika. Wyniki symulacji i analiz Instytutu Energetyki Odnawialnej – wpływ wzrostu cen i taryf energii elektrycznej na opłacalność inwestycji w odnawialne źródła energii

Grzegorz Wiśniewski


New coal power plant in Ostrołęka vs. photovoltaics farms The results of the simulation and analysis of the Institute for Renewable Energy – the impact of electricity prices escalation in Poland on the profitability of investments in renewable energy sources

One of the most important dilemmas faced by the European Union is the decision on acceptable scale of using fossil fuels – in particular coal, in covering the demand for energy in member states. Currently, there are numerous discussions concerning the restriction of the use of this highly emissive energy carrier by the EU  countries, which, as a result, is to reduce air pollution on a global scale. The article presents the use of energy carriers in traditionally coal based regions and forecasts regarding the economics of new investment in coal fired power plants against investment in renewable energy. Comparison of levelised cost of electricity from coal and solar (PV) energy and it’s impact of electivity prices in Poland up to 2040 was done. The conducted analyzes indicate that a hypothetical PV investment alternative could reduce generation costs by 1.5-2% in the long term.

Słowa kluczowe: coal, energy security, energy balances

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