Regulations and Corporate Governance Principles Strengthening the Effectiveness of Internal Control, Compliance and Audit in the Capital Group

Sebastian Skuza,

Robert Lizak


The introduction of the so-called holding law into domestic law has been discussed in Poland for some time now. The need to adopt a holding law seems to be unquestionable, however no amendments in this scope have been introduced hitherto. The aim of this article was to discuss mechanisms of corporate governance compliant with Polish law, allowing for improvements in proficiency and effectiveness of audit, internal control and compliance win a capital group. In the Authors' opinion, these issues not only play key role in common achieving of economic aims by capital group mentioned previously, but they are also a part of supranational need of increasing transparency and security of market economy. Also, it seems unquestionable that a de lege ferenda postulate should be submitted concerning introduction of solutions in the scope of the so-called holding law in the law - Code of commercial companies.

Słowa kluczowe: Audit, compliance, corporate governance, internal control, capital group

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