The neolithization of eastern Croatia and southern Transdanubia – lithic perspective 

Rajna Šošić Klindžić,

Małgorzata Kaczanowska,

Janusz K. Kozłowski,

Ivor Karavanić


The objective of this paper is to show the complexity of Neolithization processes on the basis of lithic industries structure in eastern Croatia and southern Transdanubia. The location of major deposits of siliceous rocks is presented and the procurement systems of these rocks at the most important sites of the Starčevo Culture and of the LBK Formative Phase in the territories in question is discussed. The data obtained in the raw materials and techno-morphological analyses is compared with the taxonomic and socio-economic diversity of the Early Neolithic Cultures. 

Słowa kluczowe: Starčevo Culture, LBK Formative Phase, siliceous raw materials, lithic production systems, lithic technology