Chińska Republika Ludowa wobec rozpadu ZSRR i powstania nowych państw w przestrzeni postradzieckiej

Tadeusz Dmochowski


People’s Republic Of China Towards The Decomposition Of The Ussr And The Creation Of The New States In The Postsoviet Space

In the new geopolitical situation emerging during the disintegration of the Soviet Union (1991), China (PRC) quickly recognized the independence of all the fifteen post-Soviet republics, including Russia (now under a new name – the Russian Federation), two days after the end of existence of the Soviet Union created in 1922, and two days after Russia’s recognition by the United States.

PRC also quickly established diplomatic relations first with Russia (December 27, 1991) and then with all of them (in the period from January to June 1992). With the speed of action and strict compliance with the principle of „one China” in the establishment of diplomatic relations, none of the fourteen post-Soviet states has not taken even the attempt to establish political relations with Taiwan, which – also thanks to Beijing’s effective diplomatic action remained in isolation in the former postsoviet political space. The exception was two years period of Latvian-Taiwan Relations (1992–1994), but in this case, Beijing has achieved success, displacing the Taiwanese competitor.