Urząd ombudsmana w Makau

Magdalena Łągiewska


The ombudsman in Macau

An ombudsman is a very important institution which protects citizen’s rights and freedoms. The appropriate actions taken by this person guarantees the human rights’ protection and contributes to the strengthening of the legal authority. An ombudsman in Macau (Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China) functions within the framework of the Commission Against Corruption. This institution receives complaints against the central government bodies. The article presents some cases examined by the ombudsman. The analysis of the above-mentioned examples presented in the ombudsman’s report lead to the conclusion that this institution fulfils more significant legal functions. There are still some challenges behind this authority. Especially, the civil and political rights should be guaranteed. It is indispensable to undertake further activities in order to update such fundamental principles as the equal and universal suffrage and the freedom of speech.