Początki inkulturacji teologii chrześcijańskiej do chińskiej mentalności

Maria Magdalena Sztuka


On Chinese-Polish lexicography

In this paper, I describe some aspects of the process of inculturation of Christian theology to the Chinese mentality. In ancient China, there was no such thing as a person of God. The deity was Heaven (tian), which was also a basis of human beings’ morality. Also, the ideas of Dao, taken from Taoism, and Greek Logos, cannot be considered as equal, because there is no God in Taoism, and Logos in Western philosophy is a word of God. For Chinese people, the Bible’s stories were very violent, primitive and immoral. Also, translating theological terms into Chinese was diffi cult, because the Chinese language is monosyllabic, and each character contains its own meaning. In this paper I listed several examples of it. Some Chinese people used to understand Christianity through their understanding of Confucian philosophy. Missionaries’ efforts have deeply influenced the relations between China and Eastern Europe and also had a signifi cant meaning for the development of Chinese studies.