Japońska połączona flota w I bitwie pod Guadalcanal 12–13 listopada 1942 roku

Mateusz Kubicki


The Japanese Combined Fleet in the first naval battle of Guadalcanal, November 12–13, 1942

The aim of this article is to present events that took place near Guadalcanal Island during the battle that broke out overnight between November 12 and 13, 1942. During this battle, two forces of the US Navy and the Japanese Combined Fleet clashed. Many dramatic events took place that had a clear influence on its course. The first part presents  strategic preparations of the two sides and forces. The second part of the article discusses the course of the overnight clash. The third part discusses the losses on both sides. The result of the clash of November 12–13, 1942, was a tactical victory for Japan, which once again defeated the Americans in an overnight artillery battle. However, strategic victory belonged to the United States as they managed to frustrate all measures and plans of the Combined Fleet.