Nowe oblicze erhu w czasach przenikania się kultur Wschodu i Zachodu. Na podstawie aranżacji Jia Peng Fanga My Favourite Things

Katarzyna Zaborowska


The new face of erhu at a time of the interpenetration of the cultures of East and West: The arrangement of “My Favourite Things” by Jia Peng Fang

My Favorite Things is a song composed by the well-known Broadway duet of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein in 1959. It became a one of most well-known jazz songs of the twentieth century. Its popularity has even spread to Asia in the twenty-first century. Lots of famous musicians like to arrange this piece of music for a variety of instruments.
This article focus on analyses of jazz standards arranged for erhu performed by the erhu master Jia Peng Fang. Following Confucius’s saying that music comes from the heart, the article shows cultural influences in modern times. How are music cultures of the world evolving in a homogenized world?