Critical analysis of city attractiveness factors in Lithuania – Poland cross-border regions: the viewpoints of businessmen and youth

Jurgita Bruneckienė,

Ineta Zykienė,

Vytautas Stankevičius


Rapid development of the global dimension of globalization and information technology has determined the phenomenon when not only countries, but also cities began to compete with one another. For this reason, the city is facing the problem of attractiveness for investment, business and living. It is the identification and development of city attractiveness factors, their incorporation in the city’s strategic development level and their publicity that is focused on the desire to attract new investors, create favorable conditions for entrepreneurs to develop business in the city, maintain or recover/attract young and highly qualified specialists to the city and thus create as a higher quality of life and economic welfare. This article analyzes the main factors of city attractiveness which were identified by businessmen and young people from Lithuania-Poland cross-border cities Alytus and Ełk.

Słowa kluczowe: city attractiveness, cross-border region, Lithuania, Poland

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