Procedura recenzowania

Articles submitted to the Journal of Geography, Politics and Society are peer-reviewed by two independent reviewers. The reviewers and the authors do not know each other’s identity, in consistence with the "double blind review process". The Reviewer and the Author must not come from the same academic establishment. An article is published after two positive reviews. In case of one positive and one negative review, at the article Author’s request, the editors allow a possibility of appointing the third reviewer, whose opinion will be conclusive.

In case of controversial content of the article, the editors allow publishing the article in the Author's version, but they reserve a right to include a comment.

The journal editors inform that all activities associated with scientific unreliability, i.e. "ghostwriting" and "guest authorship" will being exposed and documented. Furthermore, institutions employing unreliable Authors will be informed of the situation.

The editorial office reserves the right to make technical corrections without discussing them with the Authors, unless the Author of the article explicitly indicates that all alterations must be consulted with him/her. The final decision about accepting the article for publication is taken by the Scientific Editor (in the case of a subject issue) or the Editor-in-chief (in the case of a regular issue).

The review form is attached in the Appendix.

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