Podróż po Polsce Alfreda Döblina. Kilka uwag o genezie tekstu 

Marion Brandt


Alfred Döblin’s Reise in Polen. A Few Remarks on the Genesis of the Text

The article presents some reflections upon the genesis of Alfred Döblin’s Reise in Polen formulated on the basis of manuscripts and other materials from the writer’s legacy. Among the figures of speech used by Döblin to turn his travel experiences into a literary text are anonymisation of conversations, blurring of the logistic background of the journey and staging orality. The second part of the article includes an analysis of Döblin’s book from the point of view of the presence of an important thematic motif, which is the national question. It discusses the way in which the writer’s views on national independence movements change in the process of writing

Słowa kluczowe: Alfred Döblin, literacka relacja z podróży, geneza tekstu, Polska, Żydzi polscy, naród, syjonizm

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