Dwudzieste czwarte Forum Młodych Historyków Prawa „Norms and legal practice. There and back again”

Jakub Pokoj


The XXIVth Annual Forum of Young Legal Historians
The XXIVth Annual Forum of Young Legal Historians was organized by Faculty of Law and Administration of University of Warsaw from 14th through 17th June 2018. This years’ conference was devoted to the issues of norms and legal practice, what was reflected in most of speeches given during the conference. The organizers gathered nearly 80 speakers who about 20 countries, including non-European states (United States, Israel). As usually, the biggest group of young legal historians represented the host country. There were 6 representatives of University of Warsaw, 4 from Jagiellonian University and 3 from University of Gdansk. As well University of Bialystok as University of Lodz, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Jan Długosz University in Czestochowa and Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw had one representative during the XXIVth Annual Forum of Young Legal Historians

Słowa kluczowe: AYLH, konferencja, doroczne forum, Warszawa, historia prawa, historia państwa, Uniwersytet Warszawski

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