The Lawsuit of Public Interest in Cartel Law: Case Law of the Cartel Court in Hungary

Norbert Varga


The lawsuit of public interest was introduced by the 20th Act of 1931 after the economic crisis in the interwar period special attention to the regulation of cartels in Europe. This Act regulated the unfair economic agreements in Hungary. The Hungarian Cartel Law regulated the supreme organs related to the cartels. In my paper I would like to examine the cases of the Cartel Court and its jurisdiction. By examining the cases, it can be stated that the role of the Cartel Court was strongly administrational in connection to lawsuits of public interest. The Cartel Court and the Cartel Committee become one of the most decisive legal institutions in the Hungarian Economic life up until the middle of the 20th Century. The state intervention appeared in the Hungarian Private Law special attention to the cartel regulation.

Słowa kluczowe: cartel law, Cartel Court, case law, procedural law, cartel agreement

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