Twórca Administracji Zmilitaryzowanej Komendy Głównej ZWZ-AK. Książka Stanisława Salmonowicza Ludwik Muzyczka „Benedykt” (1900–1977). Materiały historyczne do dziejów Komendy Głównej Armii Krajowej, Warszawa 2018, ss. 320

Damian Szczepaniak


The Creator of the Militarised Administration of the General Headquarters of the Union of Armed Struggle-Home Army. Stanisław Salmonowicz’s book Ludwik Muzyczka „Benedykt” (1900–1977). Materiały historyczne do dziejów Komendy Głównej Armii Krajowej [Ludwik Muzyczka “Benedykt” (1900–1977). The Historical Materials Concerning the General Headquarters of the Home Army], Warsaw, 320 pages




Subsequent to his 1992 publication, Dr.Stanisław Salmonowicz’s new book is his most recent foray into the presentation of the life of Ludwik Muzyczka. The book acquaints the reader with Muzyczka’s life events, showing the wide range of his activities, from his participation in the Polish Legions during the struggle for Poland’s independence, to his later service in the Polish Armed Forces, fighting to shape the borders of the revived Polish state, to his commitment to social and political issues in the Second Polish Republic, as well as his involvement in various conspiracies during the Second World War and in the Polish People’s Republic, to the final stage of restoring the remembrance of the heroes of the Polish Home Army. The most significant period of Muzyczka’s activity was during World War II. The experience he gained working in public administration offices of interwar Poland, including his tenure as starosta– the chief administrative officer of the powiat administrative unit, proved useful in the creation of the administrative structures of the Polish Secret State. Beyond doubt, his greatest achievement in that field was the large-scale enterprise of the organisation and management of Szefostwo Biur Wojskowych Komendy Głównej ZWZ-AK [The Command of Military Offices of the General Headquarters of the Union of Armed Struggle-Home Army]. The publication comprises two parts and an annex. Muzyczka’s biography, divided into five chapters, constitutes the first part. The second part contains several studies concerning selected issues related to Muzyczka’s activities. The annex consists of three papers by Dr.Salmonowicz, including a list of Muzyczka’s most important texts, and of four source texts. Dr.Salmonowicz’s book should be considered obligatory reading for those historians who deal with the history of the Polish Underground State and the conspiracy activities after 1945, as well as for historians of administration.

Słowa kluczowe: Armia Krajowa, historia administracji, Ludwik Muzyczka, Polskie Państwo Podziemne, starosta, Zrzeszenie „Wolność i Niezawisłość”, Związek Strzelecki

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