Konwokacja litewska 1615 roku. Z badań nad procedurą przyjmowania uchwał konwokacyjnych

Karol Łopatecki


The Lithuanian Convocation of 1615. Research on the Procedure for Adopting Convocation Resolutions

The article presents the circumstances of the convening of the Lithuanian convocation of 1615, along with the course of the event and the resolutions it considered, with special consideration of the procedure for enacting law in this form of parliamentary assembly. Before the convocation could be convened, deputies had to be elected at pre-convocation sejmiks. Then, the deputies and the senators had to assemble at the time and place specified in the royal legacja. The sessions of the 1615 convocation lasted from May 21st to June 5th and took place in two chambers. There were at least 6 senators and more than 50 deputies. The resolutions passed during the convocation can be divided into 31 issues. They were recorded, and messengers were appointed at the convocation to carry their contents to the king. It was only after the monarch expressed his consent that the tax resolutions and legal standards became the applicable law. Sigismund III rejected three resolutions, modified two, and approved eighteen. The article presents in detail the output of the convocation, both in terms of passing tax laws and enacting other entirely new laws.

Słowa kluczowe: parlamentaryzm XVII w., Wielkie Księstwo Litewskie, konwokacje litewskie, uchwały podatkowe, proces legislacyjny

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