Iura Masoviae Terrestria: o edycji i perspektywach jej kontynuacji

Adam Moniuszko


Iura Masoviae Terrestria: Concerning the Work Itself, and Some Perspectives on Its Continuation

The present paper focuses on Iura Masoviae Terrestria – an unfinished collection of sources for Masovian law. Work on the volume started back in the latter half of the 20th century. Back in 1956, Professor Jakub Sawicki obtained financial support from the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) to produce the publication. These funds allowed him to assemble a project team and begin research in the archives. The main goal of the project was to publish all general individual public acts of Masovian law from a period beginning in the 13th century through 1577, i.e. up to the introduction of Polish law in the former Duchy of Masovia. Despite an advanced level of preparation, financial support for the project was withheld in 1958, and progress on its preparation was stopped for a decade. Work was resumed in 1969 with plans for publishing the sources of Masovian law in five volumes, the last with indexes and translation into Polish of the most important Latin acts of the Masovian law. Finally, the first three volumes were published in 1972–1974. Due to health problems and ultimately the passing of Prof. Sawicki, the fourth volume, containing the acts from the 1541–1577 period was never published. Materials for its completion are preserved in Prof. Sawicki’s papers in PAN archives. They are to a great extent ready for publishing, although some additional research seems inevitable. The current paper presents perspectives for completing the fourth volume, as well as for possible continuation of the completion of Iura Masoviae Terrestria.

Słowa kluczowe: Masovian law, edition of legal sources, Jakub Sawicki, Polish historiography after 1945, Iura Masoviae Terrestria

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