Akta polskich sądów okręgowych jako źródła do badań nad przestępczością powojenną (1945–1950) na wybranych przykładach

Karol Siemaszko


Files of Polish Regional Courts as Sources for Research on Selected Examples of Post-war (1945–1950) Crime

The study of post-war crime is becoming more and more popular among Polish researchers. The basic source for conducting this kind of research is criminal files, primarily those of the regional courts operating in the years 1945–1950. The author calls attention to both statutory and actual restrictions on access to source materials. He also notes how using other, non-official sources or witness accounts in this type of research will not always be appropriate. He postulates that research on post-war crime in Poland should be designed primarily as research on crime in the juridical sense. The author also indicates that research on post-war crime has many points in common with the so-called historical criminology.


Słowa kluczowe: przestępczość powojenna, sądy okręgowe, kryminologia historyczna / post-war crimes, regional courts, historical criminology

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