Komunikacja społeczna według Oliviero Toscaniego – fenomen reklam realizowanych dla United Colors of Benetton w latach 1989–1994

Aleksandra Żukowska


Social communication by Oliviero Toscani – the phenomenon of commercial advertisement created for United Colors of Benetton in 1989–1994

Oliviero Toscani is a photographer recognized all over the world thanks to his cooperation with United Colours of Benetton (UCoB), where he worked as an art director. The commercials that have been created by the photographer, where found to be very controversial, although they helped UCoB to became a very strong brand. In the article, the concept of the advertisement as a platform of social communication was presented. It was created by Oliviero Toscani with Luciano Benetton’s support and it will be presented in commercial advertising created from 1989 until 1994.

Słowa kluczowe: Oliviero Toscani, United Colors of Benetton, komunikacja społeczna, reklama komercyjna, reklama społeczna

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