The capital restrictions in Polish and French media. The selected issues

Katarzyna Gajlewicz-Korab

Once in a while there is a discussion in the Polish media about the capital concentration, and especially the content of the foreign capital on our market. At the end of 2016 the new government of the Republic of Poland also took up this topic with the view to returning to work on the restrictions of foreign shareholders in Polish media companies. France was recommended as a model to imitate both in KRRiT analysis of 2015 and the present comparison of Poland to France. The topic of the article concerns thus the answers to the questions: What are the restrictions in Poland and France? What do the differences derive from? Can French media system be uncritically imitated, as it happened in case of many other media situations?
Słowa kluczowe: koncentracja kapitału, system medialny Polski, system medialny Francji, capital concentration, Polish media system, French media system

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