Analiza zawartości przekazów telewizyjnych w programach informacyjnych na przykładzie monitoringu TVP Info

Klaudia Cymanow-Sosin,

Michał Drożdż

Analysis of the content of TV messages in news programmes on the example of TVP Info monitoring
The subject matter of this article is the analysis of the content of the material from the archives, shared by TVP S.A. [the Polish public television] on external media, related to the entire programme broadcast from 4 to 10 June 2018 on the TVP Info channel. The study involved content analysis, which entails a study of all the artefacts used in communication, and above all documents, not only in the form of text and image, but also audio-visual and multimedia forms. Such study is particularly useful in the research of complex material which is recurrent and systematic. Using this methodology required regular studies of the complete documentation within the analysed medium, without performing any selection or pointing to a certain part of the artefacts. Within the entire studied material, certain categories were formed in order to point to the occurrence of the most significant and dominant fragments of message – both with regard to the quantity (frequency of specific thematic programmes within a single week), and with regard to the quality – with special emphasis placed on news reporters’ materials in news programmes and news reporters’ materials in journalistic programmes, whose expert analysis with regard to their mission proved crucial to this research.
Słowa kluczowe: analiza zawartości, etyka, misja, monitoring, pluralizm mediów, content analysis, ethic, mission, media pluralism

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