Informator, rozmówca, wspólnik. Obrazy relacji Antropologa z Innym

Tarzycjusz Buliński


Informant, interlocutor, partner. Images of the anthropologist's relationships with the Other

The goal of this paper is a presentation of images of relationshipsbetween an anthropologist and the Other based on the three main paradigms (realistic, interpretative, processual) defining epistemology and methodology of anthropological fieldwork. In the first, the Other is understood as an informant – a person with whom the anthropologist has a privileged cognitive and moral position. In the second, the Other is presented as an interlocutor who gains an equal moral position, though not epistemological. In the third one, both are presented as entities with exactly the same epistemological and moral status, which metaphorically reflects the figure of the Other as an accomplice. In the end, I describe the situation from my fieldworks among the E’ñepáIndiansfrom Venezuelan Amazonia, as an example of processual changes in my image of the relationship between Anthropologist and Other.

Słowa kluczowe: fieldwork, relationship between Anthropologist and Other, epistemology, ethics, paradigm, cultural anthropology

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