Tereny nad Wisłą w Warszawie jako miejsce spotkań (w opinii mieszkańców wybranych osiedli)

Katarzyna Duda-Gromada


Vistula riverbank areas in Warsaw as a site of gatherings (in the opinion of the inhabitants of selected housing developments)

The presence of a river determines to a large extent the development and shape of a city. The process of revitalization of riverbank areas, which can be seen in cities all over the world, started in the second half of the 20th century. It leads to the creation of new, attractive spaces. In Warsaw too, much has been undertaken to transform the riverbank areas into recreational sites for the city’s inhabitants. The purpose of this paper is to present the social importance of riverbank areas in Warsaw. The issue has been discussed on the basis of the results of surveys conducted among the inhabitants of two Warsaw housing developments, as well as of research in the literature and news posted on web portals. Many projects are being implemented in Warsaw, whose main purpose is to increase the attractiveness of the riverbank areas through the improvement of their state of development and esthetics, as well as through the formation of new relationships between the city and the river and the development of diverse forms of activities, especially tourist – and recreation-oriented ones. Moreover, the Capital City of Warsaw markets and promotes these areas. As can be seen from the surveys, public awareness also undergoes changes related to the perception and utilization of the Vistula riverbank areas. Further shaping of these spaces depends not only on the city’s authorities, but also on its inhabitants. For that reason, the cooperation between the self-government, public organizations, and business is of essential importance for the creation of the future of these areas

Słowa kluczowe: tereny nadrzeczne, rewitalizacja, Warszawa, Wisła

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