Lokalizacja usług noclegowych w otoczeniu Rynku Starego Miasta w Warszawie

Marta Derek,

Karolina Dycht


Location of accommodation services in the vicinity of the Old Town Market Square in Warsaw

The aim of the article is to characterize the accommodation base in the vicinity of the Warsaw’s Old Town from the point of view of its location, category structure and prices for accommodation services. Although this area is the only tourist precinct in Warsaw (‘tourist district’), for many years accommodation establishments were scarce here. The situation has changed since the development of sharing economy was launched. The study conducted in October and November of 2016 showed that on the area within a radius of 1 km from the centre of the Old Town Market Square there were as many as 225 establishments with about 1,500 beds. An important part of these places were  apartments to rent from the website provided by the Airbnb. Although about 43% of accommodation establishments were located up to 300 m from the centre of the market, no clear relationship between a distance from the market and a number of apartments to rent was identified. This, however, might have been caused by a relatively small area chosen for the research. Finally, the study shows that the most expensive apartments to rent are located in the surroundings of the Old Town Market Square.

Słowa kluczowe: usługi noclegowe, Stare Miasto w Warszawie, mieszkania na wynajem, Airbnb

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