Potencjalne i funkcjonalne obszary turystyczne na Roztoczu w świetle wyników wielowymiarowej analizy porównawczej – wyzwania i problemy metodyczne

Teresa Brzezińska-Wójcik,

Ewa Skowronek


Potential and functional tourist areas in the Roztocze region in the light of the results of a multidimensional comparative analysis – methodological challenges and problems

The considerations presented below are part of current studies focused on touristic regionalisation methods. They attempt at developing a method for identification of tourist units (potential and functional areas) in the Roztocze region based on uniform criteria. The aim of the study was to initiate a discussion on methodological problems related to delimitation of touristic regions. This was achieved by a description and analysis of criteria applied currently in the touristic division of Roztocze and by a detailed assessment of potential and functions. Consequently, areas differing in their tourism potential and the degree of development of the tourism function have been distinguished. The obtained results indicate a necessity to continue the investigations of this issue, since delimitation of tourist regions remains a yet unresolved current problem. Therefore, it requires further studies, based in particular on modern techniques and research tools used in combination with various conceptual approaches.

Słowa kluczowe: metoda regionalizacji, potencjał turystyczny, funkcja turystyczna, Roztocze

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