Studenci zwyczajni i wolni słuchacze w systemie szkolnictwa wyższego II Rzeczypospolitej

Jarosław Jastrzębski


Regular students and auditors within the system of higher education in the II Polish Republic

The main goal of the article is to present the differences in the academic status of regular students and auditors in the II Polish Republic as well as the factors justifying the functioning of this category of students in the interwar period. The paper has a source character and is based fundamentally on the analysis of the national normative acts. The article has been divided into five chapters. In the introduction, the author discusses the legal foundations of the functioning of academic institutions in the II Polish Republic as well as the system of the contemporary academic education. Subsequently, the paper presents a classification of students (regular students, auditors and doctoral students) and their status within the university. Special attention is devoted in the paper to the difference between the above two categories of students: particularly as regards their participation in classes, the possibility of taking exams and obtaining academic and professional degrees. In summation the author presents the systemic premises justifying the existence of auditors in the period of the II Polish Republic as well as the reasons why this institution is no longer needed in the III Polish Republic.

Słowa kluczowe: historia szkolnictwa wyższego, edukacja akademicka, historia II Rzeczypospolitej, studenci

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