Przeciw bolszewikom, masonom, żydom… Publicystyczne zmagania Aleksandra Bocheńskiego w okresie „Buntu Młodych” i „Polityki”

Jan Sadkiewicz


Against the Bolsheviks, Freemasons and Jews... Aleksander Bocheński’s essayistic struggle in the Bunt Młodych and Polityka period

In the 1930s, Aleksander Bocheński was one of the co-authors of the editorial lines of the Bunt Młodych and Polityka magazines, their hallmark being a fierce fight with their journalistic opponents. Beside the core texts dedicated primarily to minorities and the economic policy, his essayistic struggles were one of the main fields of his journalistic activity in that period, and are the main topic of this article. Bocheński was particularly bellicose in his fight against the liberal periodical Wiadomości Literackie and left-wing journals, which he accused of such things as being pro-Bolshevik and pursuing changes in the political system which, in his view, would weaken the state. Throughout the decade, one can observe a gradual fading of Bocheński’s initial optimistic conviction that the young advocates of Poland as a great power would rule the day, as well as his growing concern with the continuing influence of left-liberal circles, which not only found expression in his criticism of the government policy in almost every area, but also prepared the ground for a profound ideological change which Bocheński experienced during the war

Słowa kluczowe: Aleksander Bocheński, Bunt Młodych, Polityka, the press in the interwar Poland, „Bunt Młodych”, „Polityka”, prasa II RP. Aleksander

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