Polityka brandenburska Jana III Sobieskiego

Andrzej Kamieński


The Brandenburg policy of John III Sobieski was unfortunate and inconsistent. The Polish king, like his predecessors, did not have a political programmme towards the Hohenzollern monarchy. He took active steps in the Brandenburg direction only when a dynastic interest occurred. Such a stance was visible for the first time in the years 1675–1679. The change of policy towards Brandenburg-Prussia, conducted at the time by John III and based on his alliance with France and Sweden, did not bring him any benefits. It caused, however, many problems for Frederick William, the Brandenburg elector. After 1679, John III, as far as the Brandenburg direction was concerned, was in a clearly defensive position. He endeavoured to marry prince James with a rich protegee of the Hohenzollern family, Luisa Carolina of Radziwill. The efforts made in this regard ended in two humiliating defeats of the king: in 1681 and in 1688. The French diplomacy wanted to take advantage of the Berlin matrimonial affront of 1688 and tried to persuade John III to make a new attempt towards reclaiming the Duchy of Prussia. The king did not take up this idea anymore.

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