Rola Marii Kazimiery w stosunkach polsko-francuskich w czasach panowania Jana III Sobieskiego

Maciej Serwański


Queen Marie Casimire played an important role in the Polish-French relations. The article analyzes each stage of the political relationship between the two countries during Marie Casimire’s stay in Poland. She played a significant, and largely decisive, role during the election of 1674. The queen’s influence was also an important factor in the making of the treaty of Jaworów. The friendly relationship between the Commonwealth and France changed in 1678 due to a combination of reasons. The Commonwealth reoriented her foreign policy to adopt an anti-French stance, as ultimately confirmed by the Treaty of the Holy League. It is also important to take note of the personalities and actions of the French ambassadors in Warsaw. The last one, Polignac, acted in cooperation with the queen towards reorienting the foreign policy and assuring an election of a pro French candidate, but he was unsuccessful on both counts.

Słowa kluczowe: Jan III Sobieski, Francja, Polska, polityka zagraniczna, dyplomacja, Maria Kazimiera , John III Sobieski, France, Poland, foreign policy, diplomacy, Marie Casimire

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