O niemieckich planach ofensywy na Bliskim i Środkowym Wschodzie (1941-1942)

Piotr Mikietyński


About German plans for the offensive in the Near and Middle East, 1941-1942

Relatively little attention is devoted (in contrast to the knowledge about the assumptions of the general German plan of operations against the Soviet Union) to Berlin's intentions relating to the period after a possible victory on the Eastern Front. The draft of Directive 32 "Preparations for the period after Barbarossa" became a specific culmination of the inter-staff exchange of opinions.  It was elaborated on June 11, 1941, and then sent to commands of three types of armed forces. It assumed "intercepting British fortresses in the Middle East and the Mediterranean with the support of concentric attacks from Libya to Egypt, from Bulgaria through Turkey, and perhaps from the Caucasus through Iran." Ultimately, however, it never went beyond the sphere of staff analysis. A significant trace of these considerations remained in the Bundes-Militärarchiv resources in Freiburg im Breisgau in the OKW / OKH files.

Słowa kluczowe: II wojna światowa, Niemcy, Turcja, Bliski i Środkowy Wschód

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