Cracow in the life and work of Edvard Jelínek

Petr Kaleta


This study describes and analyzes Czech polonophile Edvard Jelínek’s relationship to the city of Cracow as reflected in his books and articles written for periodicals. Jelínek had extensive contacts in Cracow with leading representatives of Polish literature and culture (such as Władysław Anczyc, Adamem Asnyk, Michał Balucki and Adam Honory Kirkor), through whom he gained access to important institutions and landmarks. After Warsaw, Cracow was Jelínek’s favorite Polish city, and he mentioned it in many of his writings. Jelínek also published several articles in the local press, and in his role as a capable organizer of Czech-Polish cultural and scientific events he contributed greatly to organizing a pilgrimage to Cracow by more than 1,300 Czechs, organized under the auspices of Kolín’s Sokol club in 1884.     

Słowa kluczowe: Edvard Jelínek, Cracow, publications, local landmarks, famous individuals

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