Grecka diaspora w Zamościu na przełomie XVI i XVII wieku

Ihor Lylo


Diaspora of the Greeks in Zamosc at the turn of the 16th and 17th century

The article is considered an problems of formation and activity of the Greek trade diaspora in Zamosc in the end of 16 and first half of the 18 century. The focus of the research are a preconditions resettlement and adaptation of Greek immigrants are outlined. Greek merchants quickly created a compact settlement and got access to the city management. Community had their own Orthodox priest, church and cemetery. The main subject of their trade was sweet kind of wine - malvasia. Transport of wine arrive to the Zamosc from Crete. The activity of Greek merchants was dangerous for the economic interests of Lviv. As result many conflicts between traders and Lviv's deputies had. It is important to understand why the owner of the Zamosc Jan Zamoyski, invited to the city only to those Greek merchants who in the past were citizens of the Venetian republic. The Crown Chancellor was a prominent figure in the European history of the Renaissance period. During his studies in Padova University, he has time to discovered the singularity of these people and probably created a plans how to use them in their political and economic vision.

Słowa kluczowe: Grecy, Lwów, małmazja, Zamość, diaspora

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