Prestiż, tradycja, władza – mit o trojańskim pochodzeniu we francuskiej historiografii przedoświeceniowej (rekonesans badawczy)

Joanna Orzeł


Prestige, Tradition, Power – Myth of the Trojan Origin in French Historiography before the Enlightenment (Reconnaissance Research)

The beginnings of a nation or country occupy a special position in mentality of every society. In the Middle Ages France looked for her roots in mythological and biblical events. One of the most popular motives was Troy and French were trying to demonstrate their Troyan origin. This article describes, how – according to Jan Assmann’s concept of cultural memory – in the early modern period the myth was changed adapting it to current needs. In France Trojan myth was an excellent argument illustrating independence of the French nation, which did not come from the Gauls conquered by the Romans. In addition, it was a tool in foreign policy (against England, the papacy and the Holy Roman Empire) and in internal politics.

Słowa kluczowe: pamięć kulturowa, mit pochodzenia, wojna trojańska, historiografia francuska, historia wczesnonowożytna

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