O dwóch krakowskich prawnikach wypromowanych w Bolonii  na początku XVI wieku

Stanisław A. Sroka


On two Cracovian lawyers who were awarded university degrees in Bologna  in the early 16th century

At the beginning of the 16th century, among the large group of Polish students in Bologna, there were also two Cracovian townsmen - Jan Albin and Mikołaj Waltek - who obtained there a doctorate in canon law. After returning from Bologna (doctorate in 1504), Jan Albin first lectured at the Faculty of Law at the University of Cracow, but since he neglected his duties, he was removed from it. Soon, he became the chancellor of the Vilnius bishop and came into possession of the Vilnius canonry. As a Vilnius canon, he became known as one of the editors of the statutes of the chapter. He also performed the first visitation of the Vilnius diocese. In addition to the Vilnius canonry, he held other minor beneficiaries. He died in mysterious circumstances in Rome in 1528, from the wounds inflicted on him by German soldiers. Mikołaj Waltek, who obtained his doctorate in Bologna in 1509, after returning to Cracow, became the archpriest of St. Mary's Church in 1512. He held the office of the archpriest until his death (around 1554). As the governor of the St. Mary's church, he was involved in a dispute with the Cracow councilors over the language of sermons preached in that church. In his will, he bequeathed his book collection (28 books) to the University of Cracow. These books have been preserved until today (in the collection of the Jagiellonian Library).

Słowa kluczowe: Uniwersytet Boloński, Kraków w XVI wieku, kościół Mariacki w Krakowie, kapituła w Wilnie.

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