Powstanie Izby Rzemieślniczej w Krakowie

Jarosław Jastrzębski


The Foundation of the Craftsman Chamber in Kraków

The author of the present article describes the process of formation of the Craftsman Chamber in Kraków, in the years 1927–1929. He presents the fundamental legal principles of its formation, its organizational structure which is defined in its Statute, as well as the first elections of Chamber members in the year 1929. The Krakow Craftsman Chamber was founded on 30th December 1927, on the basis of a directive issued by the Minister of Industry and Trade, but the inauguration of its activity became possible only after the election of the first Gathering of Chamber Members. The above process had been concluded on 1st October 1929, that is on the day of validation of the election results. From this moment, the Craftsman Chamber in Krakow could commence the realization of its statutory tasks. The Chamber had survived the period of the German occupation; it functioned throughout the period of People’s Poland and it continues its statutory activity up until the present.

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