Jewish-Israeli Papercutting in the Light of Actor-Network Theory. Tracing the Chain of Transformations in Ethnographic Research

Agata Szepe


The paper shows the chains of transformations that enabled a little-known art of papercutting to become a subject of ethnographic research in Israel. The main assumptions of the actor network-theory are presented. The meaning of “circulating reverence” and “chain of reference” is described. The crucial role of “representative guarantors” in the chain of reference on ethnographic research on Jewish papercut from the beginning of 20th century is shown. The role of the center of calculation is presented. The chain breakdown during the Second World War is described. The development of papercutting network in Israel as well as the strategies of Israeli ethnographers to continue the research are depicted. The new perspectives that ANT approach gives on ethnographic research on the papercutting in Israel are summarised.

Słowa kluczowe: Ethnography, Israel, Actor-Network Theory, Bruno Latour, chain of references, Jewish papercut, papercutting in modern Israel

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