Konceptualizacje snu i marzeń sennych w kulturach indygenicznych: perspektywa psycho-kulturowa

Adam Anczyk


The following article presents, following  B. Tedlock’s methodological stance combined with the indigenous psychology perspective, a culturally-sensitive approach towards dreams, which can be applied in prospective research within cultural studies, anthropology and psychology. In the outlined perspective, dreams should not only be analyzed as a night-time individual experiences of psychological nature, but also as a significant, meaning-making contributions to rituals and social performances that may have influence on a given cultural system. Chosen contexts of indigenous societies are discussed (Sambia, Zuni, K’iche, Aguaruna, Rarámuri), as examples of cultural differences in ways of conceptualizing dreams.

Słowa kluczowe: dreams and culture, indigenous psychology, dream studies, anthropology of dreams, cultural studies of dreams

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