Reportaż jako sztuka pamięci. Wokół książki „1945. Wojna i pokój” Magdaleny Grzebałkowskiej

Edyta Żyrek-Horodyska

The purpose of this article is to analyse the reportage "Wojna i pokój" by Magdalena Grzebałkowska in the context of contemporary memory studies. I am particulary interested in the way the modern literary reportage reflects the past and deals with the subjectivism of memory and post-memory. In my research I focus on medialisaton of the collective and the personal memory. My intention is to discuss the immense influence of media on the contemporary dicsourse on the past. According to Grzebałkowska, the language used in the literary reportage is strongly rooten in the experiences of the witnesses of the war. I would like to present how the cultural memory shapes the identity of individuals and society. My analyses shows that the book of Grzebałkowska can be read not only as a story about complicated situation of Poles in 1945, but also as a text which documents and collects their memories.
Słowa kluczowe: reportage, memory, postmemory, World War II, relocation, medialisation

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