Wpływ teorii eugenicznych na kształtowanie koncepcji „narodu japońskiego"

Rafał Orzechowski


Shaping the concept of the "Japanese people" was a complex process in which a branch of science called "eugenics" played a role. Galton's theories in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century gained great popularity in Europe and the USA. The Japanese, who at the end of the Sakoku period opened their borders, showed interest in the achievements of Western science. Eugenic theories have been known practically since the Meiji era, but their popularity depended on the internal situation and position in the international arena. Shaping the concept of "nation" required theoretical support, which was provided, among others considerations of Japanese eugenics regarding the category of "pure blood."

Słowa kluczowe: eugenics, blood, nation, race, Meiji, Japan, konketsuji

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