Muzyka bez nośnika?  Powietrze, chmury i strumienie oraz cyfry, taśmy i winyle w walce o pierwosłuch lub zapomnienie

Szymon Nożyński,

Marek Okólski


In the article the authors try to build a research reflection by means of a logical description of the result of self and technology - sound carriers/media, up to the extreme form, that is their disappearance, or distance from the listener / user. The authors show the influence of media on the organization of musical expression in the field of semiotics, technology and aesthetics.

The starting point of the article is a reflection on a fragment of the lyrics, which suggests a return of music to the air. The authors reconstruct the evolutionary path of sound carriers and reach the place where the air was the primary carrier. At the same time they analyze the contemporary face of technologically entangled air (as a carrier), which is no longer the air from the pre-industrial era, but rather a symbolic place where one can find wireless communication, the Internet or Bluetooth.

The article has a philosophical and technological character and serves primarily to consider the role of carriers in the current media reality in which, on the one hand, retro resentment is revived and, on the other hand, the form of streaming services takes over the market of music distribution. The contemporary listener, producer-consumer and remixer, modifies his behaviours, rituals and habitus of listening - the perception of sound.

Słowa kluczowe: music, streaming, vinyl, media, semiotics of popular music, air, wireless

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