Zamienione głowy ‒ transformacje i subwersje indyjskiego mitu

Alicja Helman


The author presents an analysis and interpretetion of a short story „Transposed Heads” by Thomas Mann. She also discusses its adaptations: two as films, and one theatrical. The story is a personal version of an ancient Indian legend, which was generously updated by the writer, who decided to go far beyond the original. This “metaphysical joke” became just a pretext to discuss subjects present in his other works, eg. a predominating motive of a conflict between body and soul. It is very important that the recognition of the legend in the XX century was thanks to Mann, and not the original story. Both avant-garde film directors and theatre director refer to Mann: Alejandro Jodorovsky in his “La Cravate” (1957), Fernando Birri in “ORG” (1979), and the director of an Indian play “Hayavadana” (1970).

Słowa kluczowe: myth, ritual, subversion, identity, masque

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