Refleksje o fotografii w twórczości Chrisa Markera

Barbara Kita


Photography plays a special role in Chris Marker's entire work, from the photo-novel “La Jetée” to the installation titled “The Hollow Men”. The author builds reflection on photography and image in reference to the concepts of movement/stillness and memory/forgetfulness. As a consequence, she emphasizes the autobiographical and self-reflective nature of Marker’s artistic realizations, in many cases realizing the features of an essay. The author of the text proposes an analysis of the practices that Marker applies to photography; she considers how he incorporates photography or an image with the characteristics of photography in his works – which are varied in technique or in used medium and which were arising at different periods of time. The purpose of the article is to outline a certain framework for analyzing the Marker's creative strategies and to introduce theoretical assumptions that can be used to interpret particular works of the artist.

Słowa kluczowe: photography, movie essay, memory, movement, Chris Marker

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